9 Signs Checklist Your Mental Health is Getting Worse

Mental health can also be affected and fluctuate as physical health because of stress going on your mind. So it is very important to check your mental health periodically. To make this check easy we have listed 10 signs that your mental health is not going in the right direction.

Losing interest in your hobbies:

Lose interest in your hobbies and in every little thing of life that you would love to do. Like playing guitar, sports, reading books, etc. Don’t feel excited about little happiness or life events. This could happen because of your workload stress or your long to-do list. These are also signs of depression. If you feel something like this you are not alone. You are just a few steps away from help. Share your feelings and concerns with your family, friends, or a doctor.

You get overwhelmed easier by your daily life routine:

If you get overwhelmed easier by your daily life routine. Like you have 3 tasks on your list and you feel like you have to a lot of work to do. This could be a sign of mental health issues. Felling internally overwhelmed could be the result of external excessive stress. You can tackle this issue easier by writing journals, meditation, and mindfulness.

Don’t want to socialize anymore with your friends:

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If you don’t want to socialize anymore with your friends and family members. You want to stay alone in your room regardless you are an introvert, extrovert, or something between. If feel like you are less socializing as compared to a normal routine this could be a sign that your mental health is affected. Try meeting with your friends and gossiping. Communicating with friends makes you more confident and lets your brain breathe.

Disturbed sleep cycle or you wake up between sleep:

If your sleep cycle is disturbed or you wake up between sleep and do not get back to sleep instantly but you sleep at another inappropriate time. So this means your mental health could have been messed up. Call a doctor and discuss this sleep issue. Here I have listed some tips to make your sleep better.

  • Try to sleep on time and do not eat anything at the time of sleep. 
  • Do not use social media on your sleeping bed and avoid brainless scrolling.
  • Read a book if you are struggling to sleep. It helps a lot. 
  • Relax your body and maintain your room temperature.

Feel drained like you are exhausted and more than tired:

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If you always feel drained like you are exhausted and more than tired. Whenever you try to do something you feel like you have to climb a mountain and you don’t get started. You always like laying on the bed and scrolling. This is might be a sign that your mind is burned out of something. To avoid this you should do yoga, have some physical activity, or call a mental health expert. There are multiple options to help you, but anything that could help you just try it out.

Increased anxiety in the morning:

Anxiety is the inner output of our brain and is the result of outer pressure. If you wake in the morning with increased anxiety and spend your day under the cloud of that anxiety. Your mental health might be suffering. 

We all live with anxiety and it’s normal. But increasing anxiety is not normal. This is why check your anxiety level. If you found your anxiety level abnormal you may have to contact with a mental health expert.

Mentally and Emotionally scattered:

If you feel mentally and emotionally scattered like there are so many things happening around you and you are not able to focus on one thing. You can feel this when you are overburdened, have less self-care, and have no days off. It’s like your life is spinning. If you like this don’t worry you are not alone. Try to meditate yourself with yoga or go on long vacations. You can take a break from work and you go to the mountains or beaches. It’s up to you. Let your brain breathe in the peaceful environment that is all you need if you face something like this. 

Controlled by impulse instead of controlling your impulse:

Are you controlled by impulse instead of controlling your impulse? Are playing games for hours and unable to stop yourself?
Are you streaming tv shows continuously and ignoring actual things that should be done on time. If you are controlled by these impulses your mental health might be suffering. You might pick up these unproductive and unhealthy habits because you are unable to handle your life stress. Or you adopt these habits to distract yourself from your life issues because these unhealthy habits help to forget your life issues for short time like a sleeping pill. You can help yourself to control these impulses by journaling, mindfulness, and therapy. 

Do you think you can relate to any of these points? If you are relating. Remember, you are not alone. You can always seek for help you can talk to your trusted friend, or family member, or contact mental health expert.

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