Best Proven Exercises To Sharpen Your Brain

Nowadays everyone is a fitness freak, goes to the gym, and keeps their diet healthy. But we build our physical body, have you ever thought about your brain. The brain also needs exercise to work efficiently. You also can increase your memory through exercises and sharpen your brain. Here I have listed some efficient exercises to sharpen our brain from research.

Read books aloud so you can listen:

sharpen your brain

In 2017 a university conducted an experiment. Asked 95 students to read books silently and read out aloud. After they read asked them to repeat what they have read? The students repeated successfully who read books aloud. Reading aloud so you listen to the words while reading helps your brain to remember quickly and more efficiently. You can also switch to audiobooks they help to build a story in your brain and you can remember facts easily.

Switch hands more often for routine work:

1% of this world doesn’t have a dominating hand means they can work with both hands efficiently. But other 99% of this world use one hand to do all work, like painting, eating, and writing. Working with non-dominating can boost your memory because it strengthens your brain’s neuron connections. So start practicing now, brush your teeth with your other hand and write with your other hand. But don’t practice this while driving or doing brain surgery.

At least three times a week, raise your heart rate:

sharpen your brain

At least three times a week, raise your heart rate. You might be thinking that how it affects our brain. Heart rate elevation enhances the size of the hippocampus. A hippocampal cell passes information into new memories. Aerobics exercises can help to evaluate heart rate and increase the hippocampus size. You don’t have to go gym for this. This can happen with simple exercise as well like walking for 20 minutes 3 times a week. 

Brain performs better when eat with chopsticks:

sharpen your brain

Your brain performs better when you eat with chopsticks. The nerve cells in your brain are extended by dendrites when you eat with chopsticks. Dendrites help to communicate with nerve cells. More dendrites mean good communication between nerve cells. When you hold chopsticks with your fingertips, it builds pressure and boosts the blood flow into your brain. So how does this simple trick makes your brain perform better?

Create words pictures and puzzles:

sharpen your brain

This is a very helpful exercise that you can practice anywhere. Like in public transport or in the waiting line of a grocery store. You can start thinking of a word and spell it once it’s done you can think of another word that starts or ends with two letters of your first world. You can solve puzzles, you can do this anywhere and you don’t need to keep something extra with you. There are so many puzzle games that you can download on your smartphone. You can play whenever you have spare time. Playing this game will utilize most of your brain and it will be sharpened than before if you continuously practice this.

Observation exercise – Observing 4 things of someone:

sharpen your brain

If we don’t use our brain usually, our brain mussels and neurons get weak and our brain fails in receiving information. It doesn’t mean that the brain totally fails to receive the information it means that it doesn’t receive that much amount that it should receive normally. To overcome this brain failure there is a simple exercise that we can practice in our daily routine which is observing 4 things of someone who interacts with us.

Like you can notice a waiter which color of watch he is wearing, hair color, dress, shoes, etc. You can observe these things and can remember them later. It will help your brain to receive information and remember it later. You can start with 4 things and move forward to more details and more persons.

Blast some tunes:

sharpen your brain

If you have exams and you have to remember a lot of stuff. It is better to play background music. It helps to remember faster and stay focused on your work. It is better to play instrumental music instead of lyrics songs. It can distract your focus. If you are a music lover you can learn some instruments and play tunes that is an amazing exercise for your brain. 

Clench your fist – Simple and it works:

sharpen your brain

Yes, this is simple and it works. Clenching your right fist for 90 seconds helps you with memory formation and clenching your left fist for the same time helps in memory recall. In 2013 phycologists in a university conducted an experiment on 50 adults and gave them a list of words to remember. People who practiced this exercise recalled these words successfully. So yes, It works. 

Laughing is the best therapy for your brain.:

sharpen your brain

As I have explained above hippocampus is the part of the brain that pass the information into new memories. Stress drastically impacts the hippocampus. So laughing is the best therapy for your brain. With laughter, you can reduce stress and strengthen your hippocampus.

Final thoughts on Exercises to sharpen your brain:

Here I have tried to cover the best-proven exercises that you can practice easily in your daily life routine. Think for your brain as well when you think about your physical fitness. If you have any queries or suggestions you can ask in the comment below. I would love to help. Thanks for reading.

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