The Best Ways To Get More Sleep And Improve Sleep Quality

We can all have bad nights of sleep and it is normal. It happens to all of us. We all have some problems like falling asleep and staying asleep. But what are they best ways to get more sleep and improve sleep quality. In this post, I will try to help you with my personal experience and research on sleep and how can you improve both of them. 

Regularity in the sleeping time:

 Get More Sleep And Improve Sleep Quality

Regularity in the sleeping time and waking time should be a must like you have to sleep every day at 12.00 am and wake up at 8.00. This is the regularity that should break. Regularity is the key to improving the quality and quantity of sleep. Because it trains our minds according to the 24 hours including the regular timing of sleep. With regularity, you can wake up without an alarm. Because this regularity trains our brain when to sleep and when to wake up. Yes, This is how effective technique.

Decrease room temperature to increase quality of sleep:

 Get More Sleep And Improve Sleep Quality

This point is totally connected to the quality of your sleep. Your room temperature must be cold because your body needs to decrease its temperature by 1 degree Celsius to fall asleep and stays asleep. Without a cold room, it is not possible.

Temperature around 18 degrees Celsius is great for your room and your body to feel comfortable. Have you ever noticed that in a cold room you fall asleep faster than in a hot room because of this fact? I turn my ac room to control my room temperature in summer and in winter I keep my room window open for a cool breeze. It helps to keep my room temperature down. I use the blanket in winter but it increases the quality of sleep.

Dim down all lights of your room:

 Get More Sleep And Improve Sleep Quality

This point is also connected to your quality of sleep. When we see the evening our mind releases a dopamine name melatonin. This dopamine relaxes our bodies. Everything is on a purpose. Nature made the night to sleep and it’s dark for a reason. To have a good quality of sleep dim down all lights of your room or home.

Do not scroll social media before you sleep. If you can not make the environment dark try to use a black mask on the eyes. I personally turn the all lights off in my room. If you have a routine as you sleep during the daytime, use black curtains in your room. These help to block sunlight to come inside your room. It helps a lot in the sleep quality.

Get out of your bed and break the association:

 Get More Sleep And Improve Sleep Quality

If you go to bed and can not fall asleep for more than 40 minutes. Get out of your bed. Because our brain is a very powerful associative device. Our brain associates wakefulness with the bed and that is not good. We have to break this association by doing something else. Wake up and walk for some time. Only get back to the bed when you feel sleepy. With this trick, our brain will reassociate things in a different manner. Like your bed is the place for your sleep.

Wind down your routine before 30 minutes:

 Get More Sleep And Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep is not like a switch you turn off your light, lay down on the bed, and instantly fall asleep. Sleep is the physiological function that triggers the right actions. It is like a plan that has to slow down first and then land. So you need to wind up your work before 30 minutes, and you lay down for sleep. Try to do something relaxing at that time like reading books and include that into your routine. Reading books is my favorite I read books before I go to sleep and it helps me a lot with sleep.

Final thoughts: The Best Ways To Get More Sleep And Improve Sleep Quality

If you have a sleep disorder these tips would work for you. Talk to your doctor and cure yourself. After that, you can try these tips. If you have queries or suggestions do not hesitate to ask in the comments below. 

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