6-Steps Healthy Morning Routine To Increase Productivity

Today, I will share the daily healthy morning routine that I follow every morning to keep myself healthy and productive. I sleep late at night because I feel more productive at night. So I mostly sleep at 12:00 am and wake up at 8:00 am every morning after 8 hours of good sleep.

Wake up and drink two glasses of water with lemon:

healthy morning routine

When I wake up at 8:00 am, I feel so hydrated because of eight hours of sleep without water. So I first wake up and drink two glasses of water with lemon. Lemon makes your brain wake up because it has vitamin c and it is also very good for your health.

After the water, the first thing I do is go to the washroom. I don’t understand why people skip this step in a healthy morning routine. Having an empty stomach before eating anything else in the morning is a healthy morning routine. So going washroom is a very important step.

Generate a momentum with making your bed:

healthy morning routine

Make your bed first. It will help you generate a momentum of productivity. if you start using social media it will lead you to an unproductive day. A productive day starts with productive action. Making bed helps your brain to stay productive all day. Because it is a trick to trap your brain in productive momentum. Imagine you are having a bad day. After a bad day at least you will have a bed that is already made.

Exercise is the most important thing in the morning:

healthy morning routine

Exercise is the most important thing in the morning especially when we are talking about a healthy morning routine. A healthy physique has a healthy mind. So starting with exercise will make your muscles flexible and strong. Morning exercise helps to reduce the stress on muscles and the brain as well. It will make your core strong and keep diseases away from you. Because exercise makes our immune system better. I listen to motivation podcasts while doing this, It makes my morning more special and good. 

Shower before having your breakfast:

healthy morning routine

I daily take shower before I start making my breakfast. After the exercise, I became very sweaty. To feel production it is always recommended to take a shower before you sit for work. I take a cold shower if it’s summer. It boosts my energy and gives me a positive vibe that I’m starting a good and healthy day. After the shower, I dress up.

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Dress up to feel productive:

healthy morning routine

Nowadays I’m working from home, but I still stress up for work. Because in pajamas you feel very comfortable and can not feel productive. So I do not dress up like, I’m going to the office. I wear chinos or jeans to feel my legs comfortable and wear any t-shirt to feel productive and at work.

Healthy Breakfast with a podcast without using phone:

healthy morning routine

After dressing up, I put my headphone on and start making my breakfast. I usually eat oatmeal, fruits, milk, and almonds. It is a very healthy meal. After making it, I sit and listen to a motivational podcast and finish my breakfast.

After waking up to till having breakfast, I do not allow myself to use my phone. Whenever I use it during this routine I end up scrolling random TikTok so I avoid my phone till breakfast. I eat without having any screen in front of me, just listening to a podcast. After finishing my breakfast, I use my phone for 10 minutes to check notifications and reply to messages that I received.


A healthy and productive day starts with a healthy and productive morning. So I have mentioned above all the points that help me to stay productive and healthy, and I practice them every day. If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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