How To Become a Web Developer More Faster And Efficiently

How to become a Web developer? Which technology to learn and which to avoid? In this post, I will try to describe to you everything related to learning web development. What to learn? What to avoid? How can you get the highest package in web development? And along with that average salary Average market salary. What you will learn then what will you get? I will tell you all A to Z. From start to end.

There are many mistakes that I have done on a personal level. I want you to avoid that. So firstly, comes Point No.0. What will be the requirements If you want to be a web developer? Then you will need a laptop. Now many people say that, That we will do coding on the phone. Coding is possible on the phone also. It is good on the phone. Many people argue.

But I want to tell you Web development is not possible on phone. Because you can’t properly edit your code on your phone. You are required a laptop with a minimum of 4GB ram and 259GB hard drive.. 

Types of web developers:

We have 3 types of web developers. Front-end developers, Back-end developers, and Full stack developers. So these full-stack developers will talk about them. And I will tell you about Frontend and Backend developers too.  So until now, we learned Frontend, backend & full stack developer 3 types of web developers are there. The front-end developer focus on what the client will see. Backend developers focus on server-side programming and database manipulation through code. Full stack developer handles both.

Frontend Web Development:

How To Become a Web Developer Frontend Web Development:

Learn and Practice HTML:

We will talk about, What will be our first requirement? HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a building block. I took HTML’s name first over here because HTML is a building block. Go on any website you will definitely find HTML over there. Is HTML a hard-to-learn language? NO. HTML is very easy. And you can simply learn it from any youtube playlist or from w3school. Now many people will ask about the difference between HTML, CSS, and javascript? How are HTML, CSS, and javascript related to each other?

Learn and Practice CSS:

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will be our second technology. It’s an styling language that is used to style our basic HTML structure. Suppose you have a car. The car’s frame is not even colored. It’s just an iron frame. Consider it as HTML. CSS is the paint and the decoration that you have added to it. We have added mirrors and colored the car. Consider this as CSS. Javascript is the car’s engine. That is the logic that tells what will happen. 

If I give an example of a human, HTML is our skeleton. CSS will be our skin, eyes, hair, and whatever things that show human beauty. Javascript is our brain. How we work.How do we function and react? Get angry, all this is javascript. 

HTML is a frame, CSS is beauty and javascript is logic. You must have understood this thing until now. And all these 3 are on the front end. Javascript can also be on the backend. But essentially HTML, CSS, and javascript are necessary and definitely present on the front end. We learned about this. 

So if you are a person who is zero in web development. Then start from HTML. This is absolutely easy to learn. You won’t have any problem while learning this. You can access it online countless resources. So this thing is sorted. 

let’s talk about CSS. In CSS, there are many properties. You will add properties per element and style them. Do you need to learn full CSS? Absolutely no dear. Learn CSS that much, so that your page looks beautiful at a basic level. So never try to master CSS as a beginner. Learn it one step at a time. In CSS, you need a lot of practice.

Learn and Practice Javascript:

So now I will come on Javascript. Javascript is very important. And this is miss understood. Now, Javascript is misunderstood because many people think that, they learned arrays, variables, If else Loop. Now their work is done. This is not in javascript. In javascript, many things are not there like async-await, promises, fetch API, Array methods, and many more.  You will have to learn with basics. You will need time. Javascript is going to give you a different feel. So if you think that you have learned Python, C, and C++. It is not like that. There is somewhat change in javascript.

Javascript is such a language that, if someone starts it. They don’t have a sync nature of it. Why is my code not working? Why this thing is printed first? Why is it printed last? I wrote this first. You will have to notice and learn this type of thing. Javascript is asynchronous and it will trouble you. So I am telling you to give more time to javascript. And I will tell one more truth over here, a web developer is hired with a good package. Whose javascript is good. These two are done by everyone.

I am telling you, If you are going on a position as a designer, then CSS will give you more work. But, If you are going towards a standard full stack developer then your javascript will be checked. If you are not good at javascript, then you will be rejected. Listen to this bitter truth. 

Frontend Frameworks In Web Development:

After that, you should move towards frameworks. Eventually, to be a good web developer, You will have to do frameworks. Any person who tells you that only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are sufficient and framework is a useless thing. They are useless. Here inside the framework, React, Next, Angular and Vue.js choose one from them. You should choose it because in today’s date the speed provided by these React, Angular, and Vue.js-like frameworks. All the work can be done by using any of these three. 

I am just telling you. It is not necessary that you should choose react.js only. You can learn angular or vue.js too. But personally, I clicked with react so I worked in react. I am not saying I don’t know angular or vue. But I found react best. 

You will have fun. I can’t tell it in words how fun it is. How fun it is to create a website using react! But just at the start, there will be friction in learning. 

After this, I want to tell you one more thing design and development are not the same things. Designing is done by a designer. Which color will look good. Should we write in yellow or red? What will be the font size? I would like to mention one more point, responsiveness. If you don’t know what is responsiveness? Then let me tell you about the responsiveness.

It means on your mobile phone and on your laptop same website will work. If you are on a big screen or a small one, then it will be something different but the design should not be messed up. Previously this was optional to give responsiveness to the client. Then he use to say thank you. In today’s date if you don’t give responsiveness to the client then god knows what all things he will say to you. Don’t come to me after that. So responsiveness is great.

Backend Frameworks In Web Development:

How To Become a Web Developer Backend Frameworks


I would like to come into backend development. The first option you all have is to use node.js. Along with that use MongoDB. After that use mongoose. What is a mongoose? Mongoose is a wrapper of DB. Which helps to create, read, delete and update data in the database. If you use Next.js and react.js, then you can easily switch from here to there. If you choose PHP, then you may have a problem switching from here to there. So this was the first point to be noted. 


You can learn C# to work on the ASP.NET framework. C# is an object-oriented programing language and very easy to learn. In the .NET framework, you can entity framework core to manipulate database data through simple LINQ queries. Linq queries are written in C# and very easy to learn and write.

 Django or flask:

The third option that I would like to give you all. Is to keep everything the same. Take Django or flask. You won’t need a mongoose. You will need python based ORM.

Some tips to learn web development more faster:

If you will become a problem solver, Then you will earn more money. The first tip that I would like to give is to build as many projects as you can. Do project-based learning. I want you to make projects by yourself and do innovative things with your mind.

The second tip that I would like to give is to keep growing. Technologies keep on changing from time to time. Maybe this post won’t be relevant after 5-6 years. All the things that I told maybe that get replaced.  You should not be sleeping. It shouldn’t be like you learned this thing, After that, you did not learn anything new.

The third tip that I will give is Javascript. Javascript is the highlight of this full web development in today’s time. It is evolving. The more good the javascript is. The more good web development will be in today’s date. I will tell you this also, After that master a framework. And mastering means does not mean making 2-3 simple apps.

Mastering means If someone says the name of any feature to you. This can happen or not? If it can happen then you should know how it will happen. If won’t happen then you can tell that this thing can’t happen in this framework confidently. You have to master the framework just this much. 

Final thoughts on How To Become a Web Developer:

Many people will ask me about more databases. Why I did not take the names of PostgreSQL and MySQL? Obviously, these are very good relational databases. But if you are a beginner, I will recommend you MongoDB. But if you are using PHP, then definitely use MySQL Because PHP and MySQL are a very good combination.

Start with some basics, go to a medium, and master it. If you liked it “How To Become a Web Developer More Faster”, do tell me in the comments. If you want to add anything. Definitely tell me in the comment section. 

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