How To Increase Productivity While Working From Home


So in this post, we have summarized some key points to Increase productivity while working from home and maintain your mental health. Because due to the pandemic mental health of every person has been affected somewhere. Before the pandemic, working from home was the new norm. And after the pandemic telecommuting become a part of our life.

Most of the offices shifted to hybrid mode and completely remotely working. So it’s quite difficult to be productive at home when your homies are around. Some people find this more productive and some found this hectic. Because it is very difficult to maintain work and life balance while working from home. Let’s get started.

Dress up properly to work from home:

When we physically go to the office, we always take shower and dress up properly. When working from home people do not pay attention to this basic habit. After dressing up properly we can feel the professionalism and can feel that it’s our work time. In pajamas, we feel relaxed and can not feel the work motivation. Without combing our hair how can we attend a meeting with our boss or colleagues? Dressing build your confidence and you feel like you are in the office.

It increases your productivity by charging yourself in a different way. I also follow this rule strictly while I work remotely. Becasue when I tried this rule it changes my productivity and energy drastically. It’s not important that you wear two piece or three piece at home, you can go with any basic t-shirt and chinos. It will help you to be professional and comfortable at the same time. Shoes is not necessary in my opinion. But you can wear it, it’s up to you. So this thing can impact your productivity in a very positive way. 

Schedule your time to boost productivity in remote work:

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We all have a specific time to go to the office and come back home. When we work remotely this line of timing becomes ignored somewhere. Due to this, work and life balance are sacrificed drastically. So having a proper time to start working and logging off, is the most important factor to increase productivity and have a perfect balance between work and life.

Having an office time also help colleagues to meet and communicate virtually. Create a work schedule for every week and follow it strictly. You may find this hard to follow in the beginning but after some practice I will be smooth for you. The purpose of this point is to build a discipline in life and create a healthy routine. Because work routine is everything at the end of the day to save mental health and get the most outcome.

Separate working space for remote work:

Increase Productivity While Working From Home

How do you feel waking up in the morning, putting your laptop on your lap, and starting working in bed? You can feel this as a perk when working from home. But it impacts negatively our productivity. Having a work decorum is the most important thing to get maximum outcome.

If you can afford it, the best thing is to have a separate room for working. And if not, specify a corner and just place your desk there, having a chair is a plus for your posture. We almost watch every successful youtuber, programmer, or IT guy, having a nice workspace so why these guys invest in workstations and workspaces. The answer is productivity. It enhance your productivity by increasing work efficiency.

Take proper breaks between remote work:

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So here’s everyone’s favorite part and mine also. Divide your work into small tasks or portions and when you complete every small task give yourself a 5-minute break, So what’s the reason for the little breaks? These breaks help you to stay interested in work without being tired. Breaks increase our focus on the work and make our tasks interesting.

The purpose of little breaks is to convert a hectic task into a game level, you try to complete little tasks like a game level to achieve a short break. I personally tried this rule on myself while working from home and this thing makes me excited. I complete my big tasks in a very short time. With this trick, you can complete your big tasks in a very quick way.

Write down some rules for remote working hours:

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Make some rules to divide your work time and chill time. Rules are not for yourself only, these are also for your homies and roommates. Imagine you are in a meeting and your roommates are making noise in the back. Background noises and homies interact with us and they don’t know the importance of our time and work. If you work under these distractions you may complete your work but your work quality comprises this way. So make some rules and let the people know these rules around you.  

Spare time for physical activities if you work remotely:

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Sitting on a desk can increase your fat and affect your physical health. So with physical activities keep your muscles active and working, to avoid any health issues. These health issues can increase with the passage of time.

Take some time off from the screen and spend time in your surroundings. Try to make some time for a workout or cardio, If it’s not possible and you feel so bored in the workout. You can play any healthy game like football, cricket, or badminton. These physical sports make your body fresh and healthy. If these all things are not possible for you try to go out for a walk for at least 10 to 20 minutes. It helps to release work pressure and make you feel connected to nature.

Bind yourself with a clock:

Make Time for Everything You Want Do

The hardest thing to follow, binding yourself with the clock to track every activity and avoid extra things while working like browsing youtube, mobile usage, etc. So follow the time strictly to improve your work ethic. Most of the time while we work from home, we do not track our time and feel so busy and tired. Because our work faces many distractions by unnecessary activities, we do on the work desk.

So track your every task that how much time it usually takes and how much it’s now taking, Keep your mobile on airplane mode and place it somewhere at a distance. Don’t open youtube unnecessarily while working. Having a good work ethic can lead you to success in any field. So it’s a blessing and takes this advice as a blessing today.

Avoid distractions while you are remotely working:

So you might have a question that how to avoid distraction. The most irritating thing happens to us while we are working from home. We can avoid distractions in different ways, like noise-free headphones, music in the background, or having a separate room for work. Most people can not focus on work with music so headphones are a good option for them. Or you can choose your preferred way to increase your focus and avoid distractions.

Spare some time for meditation:

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Due to pandemics our mental health has been somehow compromised and staying at home continuously has also affected our mental health. So meditation is the key thing to curing yourself or to avoiding burnout. Waking up in the morning and meditating, is the best thing that can happen to us according to researchers.

When we go physically to the office and meet different people in daily life. It keeps our minds cool and relaxed. Staying in the room and working for hours put huge stress on the head and that stress can lead to many mental health issues. So take meditation seriously and make some time for your health. It helps to keep your mind fresh and hyperactive. So stay meditated to increase your productivity.

Final thoughts – Increase Productivity While Working From Home:

So in this article, we have discussed some key points to increasing productivity while working from home. Take these advices seriously if you want to get an amazing outcome. If you still have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to comment below. I would love to answer. Give it a share if you found this material helpful. Visit our other posts here.

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