How To Learn Anything Faster 100% Working Formula

Do you have a good memory or bad memory? Yes, that is my question before I begin. Most of us do not have a fantastic memory so we can learn anything faster. Do you know there is a technique to learn anything faster”? Yes, you hear it right.

In this post, we are going to discuss that technique. I have seen many people having a lousy memory of getting an expert in learning anything faster with this technique. So here’s the good news, everybody can learn faster by following this formula in a very fun manner. If you learn faster you can stand out differently from others in every field of life and there are better chances that you will succeed in life. Because the earning capacity of one depends on the learning ability. So without further delay, let’s get started.

How many of you guys consume in form of books, podcasts, youtube, and blog posts? Probably everyone. And how many of you implement that knowledge? Probably no one or some of you. So what does this means? A lot of input with zero output. I can understand learning is good but without output, it’s just a waste. So it is called shallow learning. Learning or reading something without the implementation or benefit is totally intellectual entertainment.

So what should we do? We need deep learning to learn anything faster. It means learning and implementing that knowledge. So you need to focus on implementing knowledge or output more than just consuming knowledge to follow deep learning. That is why we should be an output person more than an input person.

How to be a master of anything or how to learn anything faster?

So here’s the formula to become a master of anything or how to learn faster.

Quickest way to learn anything

Quality of learning is the key factor:


Learning is the first thing in the formula. So the question is how to learn. Quality of learning is the key factor to learning anything faster. So you might have a question about how to maintain quality or what is the quality of learning. So the simple answer is to avoid distractions. Yes, avoid distractions to maintain the quality of learning. Distractions break the momentum of reading or learning. So if you do not have quality learning you will face problems when you recall it or it will be difficult for you to remember.

Reflect: What is the takeaway?

So the second step is “reflect”. So what is “reflect” in the learning? We are always in rush to learn new things and we move forward very quickly to learn another thing. So, “reflect” means after you learn something takes a little break and ask yourself. “What is the takeaway from this?” and how you can use this knowledge to benefit your work or your family.

The purpose of this point in the formula is to slow down and make a short audit that what you have learned from this, where you can implement this, and use this knowledge. So reflect means a short audit of your learning and knowledge. On the basis of this short audit, you can also determine the quality of your learning.

The magical point Implementation:

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This third thing is “implement” the most important point. I call this point a magical point. This is the point where the magic happens and this is also the point where the most of mess happens. Because most of us do not implement what we learn. We live in a fast world and we move forward to learn a new thing without implementing the previous one.

I would suggest that after you learn something, take some time and make a schedule to implement that knowledge. Because without implementation you will feel competent that you have learned this thing or that thing, but honestly you are not competent because you have not practiced what you have learned. So do not forget to implement what you have learned.

Teaching or sharing – Learn anything faster:

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Have heard this key factor before? Teaching is the best way to learn something. If you can not teach something just share it with people. Because sharing really helps to remember something for a longer time and it also helps to pay attention to something.

So I have never seen anybody become a master of something without implementing/output it. So let’s close the topic with a question. How much time do you spend on input and how much time do you spend on output?

So if you spend more time on the input it’s not a good thing. So here’s the formula to learn anything faster. Happy learning.

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