Is The Way You Shower Right For You?

If you are curious, Is the way you shower right for you? In this post, I have summarized the effective points to take shower the right way. So read this completely. Showering the right way can make you energetic in the right way and your brain will be charged.

In the yogic culture, there is no shower. If you want to take a bath you have to dip yourself in water.

Simulate a dip into the river:

Is The Way You Shower Right For You - dip in river

As I have mentioned above in yoga you have to simulate a dip into the river if you want to take a bath. Because it helps our muscles to be stronger and more flexible. But it’s not possible every day in the morning. The alternative to this is your bath mug should be big enough so when you pour that on your head your whole body should be covered with the water.

I do not suggest this to girls with fancy hair and who do not want to wet their hair. Girls who don’t want to wet their hair can simply take little water in their hand and can wet the middle of their head, straight up to the ears. It is important because pouring water onto our body directly sends the heat to the head and it happens in nanoseconds. So it is important to wet a little part of your head in the middle if you do not want to wet your hair. 

If that big mug is also not available there is another alternative “Shower”. A shower can do this if it is throwing a good volume of water and fast. Our goal is to cover the whole body in the first go.

A cold water shower is good for health:

Shower Right

I think we all have listened to this somewhere that the cold water bath is good for health. Yes, we all listened right it is good for real. It is good to take a cold water shower but how much cold. It must be a little cold than the room temperature. It should not be freezing, it’s not good. I know you have a question why cold water? Cold water shower charges our body’s cellular structure. We feel youthful for so long that people think why this old one is not dying when you are feeling like 25. Yes, a Cold shower is this impactful. It also maintains the freshness of the skin.

Shower at least twice a day is a must:

Shower Right

Showering at least twice a day is a must, and the maximum is good. It doesn’t mean you overdo it, excess of everything is bad. Whenever you go outside for 3 to 4 hours to interact with people, the first thing to do when you come back home is to take a shower.

Whenever you communicate with anyone longer the first thing is to shower. It does not mean the others are not clean and you want to clean your body now. It is the purification of the soul. And it also doesn’t mean that when you take shower you do cleansing, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Just a bucket of water or only pouring of water through the shower is enough. It is more important if you do yoga, before yoga, it is a must to take a shower. 

As you know our body is 72% water so the body has a specific connection with it. For inner purification at least take shower two times a day. When you communicate with others, the energy goes sideways and distracted, to get back that energy to the center of yourself, a shower is a must. Have you ever noticed, that if we have any stress or tension in our head and we start taking shower. We do not want to come outside and that shower takes longer than normal. When we come out we feel relaxed and confident about the situation. This is because of purification and cleansing of the inner self.

Final thoughts on: Is The Way You Shower Right For You?

It is good to follow these tips to charge yourself mentally and physically. So what is the conclusion you have in your mind? Are you showering the right way or not? Please let me know in the comments below. 

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