Successful freelancers follow these 3 habits 

People ask most of the time what is the secret of a successful freelancer. So if you are reading this post for a trick or a secret this post is not for you. Go and find some other post. Because there is no secret or trick to becoming a successful freelancer but habits. Yes, There are multiple habits that can make you successful in your freelancing career. I’m going to share with you the top 3 habits of successful freelancers that also helped me in my freelancing career. Let’s dive into them without further delay.

Freelancers never eat alone:

freelancer do not eat alone

Freelancers most of the time work alone and remotely. Nobody sits next to us for weeks or months while we are working. So this thing creates distance between you and your friends and old clients. To avoid this distance try to share your meal with your friends and clients. Go out for lunch or dinner with them and discuss new things and business. It helps you to grow your mindset in a diversified manner. With this method, you can avoid distance and keep connected with your clients and friends. It also helps that they recommend you to other clients as well and you can get new business. 

Freelancers keep learning every day:

As a freelancer, we have to wear multiple hats. Yes, I can understand we can’t master all skills but you should be a master of one skill that you are selling as a service. Keep learning new things no matter how busy you are. As a freelancer, you need to learn different skills if you want to survive as a freelancer. Because in the start you can not hire a team to manage different parts like financing, negotiation, marketing, business development, and communication. You have to do all of them if you want to be a successful freelancer.

There is no such requirement that you have to master them all but yes you should know the basics. Let’s suppose you became an intermediate freelancer and you have to hire a team so you should know how to hire talent, how to grow as a team, teamwork, and project management. So these tasks you have to perform on yourself nobody will be responsible for these tasks. So keep evolving and learn new things. Learn new productivity and project management tools as well.

Freelancers track the time very strictly:

Tracking means time tracking. Track your time where you spend most of the day or hours. Like you spend most of your time working on projects, communicating with clients, or marketing your services. It is the most important and my favorite point as well. Keep tracking your time with your work. Because a lot of freelancers waste their time on irrelevant things like learning irrelevant software or watching youtube videos while sitting at their working desks.

You should know that desk is for working not for chilling make some rules for yourself. Track each project time so you can calculate its cost in the right ways. Decide which project you want to keep going and which you want to stop because of overtime consumption. So track yourself, track your time, track your every day, your weeks, and your months.

Final thoughts:

These are not the only theoretical habits that I have shared above. I have been practicing them for a long time. These habits helped me to grow as a successful freelancer and now I’m building my team. So what do you think about these habits are you practicing the or not? Let me know in the comment section.

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