What Is Web 3.0 To You As a User? Complete Explanation

What is web 3.0 and why do Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey think it’s a scam. How does web 3.0 impact us as a user? To understand all this stay connected and read this entire post because this post is going to be very interesting. To understand what is web 3.0 you have to know what is web 1 & web 2.

What is Web 1.0? Introduction

The first generation of the internet was from 1991 to 2004 and this is called Web 1.0. Web 1.0 was just like a newspaper because the internet only has just static sites. As a consumer, we were only able to read the data on the internet. There was no way to interact. It was just one-way communication. Like we share photos and like posts now, in web 1.0 it was not possible at all. 

What is Web 2.0? Introduction

But in 2014 something happened and it changed everybody’s life. We started giving content to websites instead of only consuming the content. Like we started posting photos, videos, and data on websites. Think youtube make videos themselves or Instagram post reels? No. Web 2.0 changed consumers into content creators. 86% of the content is not produced by companies it is produced by users. It is called web 2.0 that we are using right now.

But in this type of internet, there is the middle party, like Facebook, Google,  etc. These middle parties track our every activity on the internet and steal individuals’ data. These companies sell our personal data to Ad companies so they can show us the Ads and content, based on our collected data. So in this case we are the product. In web 2.0 we don’t own our data in an actual way, middle parties have all the rights to our data. They decide what should we post and what not.

Like twitter deleted Donald trump’s account and YouTube can delete your video without telling you the proper reason in the name of “community guidelines”. YouTube decides what ads will show to the users in your video and what percentage will be given to the creator so everything is controlled by a middle party.  So our data is centralized in web 2.0 and these platforms know our actual physical identity.

What is Web 3.0? Complete Introduction

Web 3.0 is totally different from web 2.0. In web 3.0 you will be the owner of your content means nobody can delete or change your content without your permission. No middle party will have the right to steal your personal information and sell it. Web 3.0 will give you a separate internet identity to use the internet that will not be linked to your original physical identity. 

In web 2.0 data was stored on central servers but in web 3.0 data is stored in the blocks on the blockchain technology that does not depend on central authority it is decentralized on many computers. To achieve this completely there are many obstacles in the way that web 3.0 is trying to solve one by one.

There will be no CEO of social media of web 3.0. All the decisions will be made by DAOs (Decentralized autonomous organizations). Basically, all rules about the internet will be already decided and coded in the form of the smart contract. So this smart contract will have all the rules about the content and it will decide what content will be deleted and what not. Maybe code doesn’t allow offensive content to upload.

Web 3.0 give content creators complete ownership of their content. Creators will decide who can see their content and what will be charged for the content.

All these features seem so futuristic and impossible but the truth is people laugh at every upcoming technology. Like when some talked about the match broadcasting for the first time nobody accepted it. But it happened. 

Final thoughts on what is web 3.0:

Some people call web 3.0 a revolution but some call it a scam like Elon musk. When things will be totally independent and users will be anonymous who will be responsible for scams and illegal acts online. Will web 3.0 increase the crime ratio? There are many questions like this. 

Some days ago $30 million has been stolen from crypto.com. It is not an average or small organization. It is a giant in crypto but it was impossible for them to find and catch the thieves. As you can see from this example Blockchain technology is not much secure. It is too early to shift 100% to the blockchain. Elon Musk recently mocked and said, “Has anyone seen web 3.0? I can’t seem to find it”. So there is a lot of controversy about web 3.0 on the internet. I have tried to cover the basics of web 3.0. If you have any suggestions or questions do not hesitate to ask.

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