Where To Start Freelancing: A Comprehensive Guide

Where to start freelancing this question is raised by every beginner in the online field. Let me tell you one thing If you are starting freelancing because of the influence fancy lifestyle of some freelancers. This field is not for you. The lifestyle is the output of the hard work in this field that you are not considering. So make up your mind about freelancing that it is not easy and requires a lot of hard work.

There will be so many sleepless nights and stress that you have to face alone. Let’s get back to the topic I was telling you that where to start freelancing. Before you start freelancing you should be good at problem-solving and research. You should know how to search your problems on google and find the solution. Because there will so many problems that you will face while you start your freelancing career. You can learn this skill by practicing this. 

Learn a skill first to start freelancing:

Learn a skill you are passionate about. If you are interested in graphic designing start learning it. But if you don’t know your passion find a low-competition skill. You can find it using Fiverr easily. Let me tell you how you can find low-competition skills through Fiverr.

Go on Fiverr and scroll a bit, you will find the categories there like this.

You can select any category from this. You will further have more options in that category to narrow down your search. Select the micro category according to your interest and check how many gigs that category has. With this method, you will analyze the competition.

Like I selected the NFT art category and you can see the number of gigs this category has. This is a pretty much-saturated niche. 

Now you can open the top 8 gigs and check how many orders in the queue they have. It will tell you the customer ratio.

Try to find a category with the minimum number of gigs and high order ratio. It will help you rank your gig easily in that category. Research on skill and try to find if that skill is long-term and interesting for you. If the answer is yes. Learn that skill and make a gig on Fiverr. Or if the answer is no. Just repeat the process until you find something interesting

Do not forget to learn Fiverr methodologies as well. Because you should know how Fiverr work, how to create gig, how to create feature image, how to set pricing, how to rank gig and the list goes on. Learn Fiverr before you jump into it, It is not that simple.

Once you create a Fiverr account and your account starts growing, expand your different platforms. Create an account on Upwork and offer the same services on Upwork as well. It will help you to generate two sources of income. 

Work and life balance is important in freelancing:

Start Freelancing and work life balance

Do not ignore your health and personal life, when you start freelancing. Most freelancers compromise on their health when they start working online. Remember one thing nothing can buy your health again. So how can you manage work and life balance? Try to hire a team of professionals once you start growing.  It will save your time and you can spend this time on yourself. It will generate opportunities for others as well and you will grow more efficiently.

Save your income as much as possible:

When you start freelancing try to save your income as much as possible and do not waste it on liabilities. Sometimes freelancing platforms can give you a tough time so save some money for your bad time and your kitchen as well. Do not ever think that your freelancing income will be always stable. It’s not stable, sometimes you get a lot, sometimes less, and sometimes nothing at all.

Create your portfolio website to showcase your work:

Find Motivation in Life

Whenever you work with your client, save your work and client feedback as well. Upload your work samples and feedback on your website. You can promote your website on a social media platform and run ads on different platforms as well. It will help you grab clients directly. It will reduce the hectic of platform commissions. This is the last step do not create your site at the start of your freelancing career.

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