In a nutshell, why freelancing is here to stay

In this post, I will tell you why freelancing is here to stay. We are living in the fourth industrial era and where companies hire employees remotely and employees demand remote work. This is all possible due to technology, you can connect with your clients all around the world with just the power of your computer. I worked for hundreds of clients that I had never met. 

Who are freelancers?

Freelancers are self-employed contractors who contract with different companies at the same time and get paid for it. Freelancing is not new, freelancers live with from the past thousands of years. But online working dominated this terminology in a different way.

Digital platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc to reach out to companies and clients quickly, give them services, and get paid off. There are many myths about freelancing that it is unstable and poorly paid. But these myths do not exist real anymore. As per Upwork and America research by 2027 companies will have 60%, independent remote employees. According to the state of independence in America study more than 21% of independent contractors earn $100000 per anum and this number will definitely grow with time.

Here’s how I work as a freelancer:

I send the proposal for the desired job to the prospective clients on online job platforms like Linkedin, Upwork, or via e-mail. We discuss the project and negotiate if needed. I send them a custom proposal with the timeline and pricing plan. We sign the contract. I complete the work and submit it to the client for billing. Mostly 7 out of 10 clients hire me again for their work. 

The one hardship people face when they want to become freelancers is the mindset switch from the employee to the entrepreneur or CEO. To become a successful freelancer do not negotiate your work schedule and meet the deadlines. When you offer your services to clients, always check the market gap and try to fulfill them with your expertise. Make yourself comfortable with the word “No” and upgrade your pitch and proposal accordingly. 

Consider past experience when starting freelancing:


If you have not started freelancing yet. Try to analyze your past experience to give service, if you are good at reading and writing you can be a freelance writer or copywriter. Or if you don’t have any experience, try to find your passion and learn the skill. Lean marking and tools that help you to grow your freelancing career. Once you learn the online marking to pitch your work. Learn how to write an effective proposal to grab clients effectively. Create your portfolio online. Learn how to close a client successfully.

Final thoughts on freelancing:

The best thing about freelancing is you can start for free or with little. This means you don’t need an investment to start. You can start small give it to hundred percent and grow from nothing to something. You can also start freelancing as a side hustle and grow into a full-time career. It can be an opportunity for you that you can pursue something you’re good at but you never earned a degree in. So you don’t have to invent the wheel yourself you can follow a proven path of hundreds of successful freelancers.

All you need is to evaluate demand and create a sample and a proposal. With freelancing, you can change your living, change the meaning of word work for you, and tell the world story that you want to tell. 

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