Will Metaverse Fail Or Not – Full Details

In this post, we will try to discuss will metaverse fail and every aspect of it. I will first discuss what is metaverse, technologies it is using, and discuss will metaverse fail. So let’s start with the name. The word “Metaverse” was first introduced in a book name snow crash in 1992. The word metaverse is the combination of two words. “Meta” and “verse”. Meta is the Greek word that means something beyond and “verse” is taken from the word universe. So as you can understand by its name that metaverse means something beyond this world like a separate universe that exists virtually. In simple words, the metaverse is a virtual world.

Just imagine you are doing shopping, grocery, buying land, attending meetings, and everything that can happen in a virtual world. This is how it’s said by Mark Zuckerberg. 

Example of an old video game:

Let’s take an example of an old game named second life in which you buy lands, services, drive cars, offer your services, and edit your avatar that looks like you in the game. Metaverse is something like this but with the 3D exposure. You will feel like you are in that virtual shopping mall and purchasing something. Imagine you are watching a cricket match in the metaverse and you will feel like you are in the cricket ground sitting with beautiful girls. 😀

So this is how metaverse will work according to the company meta. Meta is the company by mark Zuckerberg owner of Facebook and Facebook is now under the umbrella of meta. 

What technologies are used in metaverse:

Metaverse is not a single technology it is the combination of multiple technologies. Let’s discuss the technologies.

VR (Virtual Reality) is the main technology:

Virtual reality is the main thing that will help you interact with the virtual space. Virtual reality glasses already exist and you can use them. But the current graphic quality is not that good for VRs. They have another issue as well the glasses weight. These glasses are too heavy, and most people started having head motion problems even after 30 minutes. But this technology will definitely improve graphic quality with time and maybe VR will convert into normal glasses. 

Blockchain technology is one of the main pillars:

Blockchain is one of the main pillars of the metaverse. Because when we enter the virtual world and we can buy things so how can we buy virtual things with physical currency. We will have to use cryptocurrencies to buy and sell anything in the metaverse. We can also buy real estate properties in the metaverse and that is only possible with help of NFTs. Ownership of properties can only be verified with the help of NFTs and we can buy properties with crypto. So cryptocurrencies and NFTs both are based on blockchain technology so blockchain is the core of metaverse.

5G technology will also the part of the metaverse:

When users will interact with the virtual world with high-quality graphics and they perform operations in the metaverse. There will be also a high-speed internet required. So 5G technology will also the part of the metaverse. 

Will metaverse fail or not:

 This is a very important question that every person has in mind. This question can not be answered straight because the failure or success of a technology is really determined by its utility. Let me give you an example of google glass. It was released by Google in 2013 and google invested a big amount of dollars in it. But what happened that google glass failed? Because it doesn’t have a utility. Google Glass doesn’t have any special utility. Everything that google glass does can be done on a simple smartphone. So why do people wear such things on their faces all the time? People adopt things that keep life simple and add value to their lives. 

Metaverse is an ultimate advanced technology that I think can evaluate some fields of life like medical and engineering, With 3D model handling these two fields will evolve dramatically but if you have to do a simple meeting you can do a zoom call so why would you wear a such VR glasses use metaverse to meet. 

Like 3D cinema evaluated everything for a time being. Production houses started making more 3D films and people started buying 3D screens you watch 3D films from home. To watch 3D films you have to wear 3D glasses and that can increase your headache. So now screening coming back to normal as before and 2D films are more releasing. When people can watch simple tv why would they especially wear glasses to watch the screen. So the moral of this example is people like simple utilities that increase the quality of living.

So that’s my opinion. You can give yours in the comment section below. I would love to hear. Thanks a lot for reading.

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